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As second generation Japanese Americans growing up in Los Angeles, Onigiri (aka Omusubi or Rice Balls) have always been a part of our diet.  Considered comfort food much like an Amercian hamburger or Mexican taco, these yummy Onigiri were often made with the fillings we loved most--  salted salmon (sha-ke), pickled Japanese plum (umeboshi), and marinated kelp (tsukudani), just to name a few.  Onigiri was often served with other Japanese side dishes such as Miso soup, Japanese fried chicken (karaage), or pickled vegetables (tsukemono) and it became the perfect meal to satisfy our hunger.  Seasoned with a touch of sea salt before shaping into an Onigiri, we use premium TamaNishiki short grain Japanese rice which is grown in the highly praised Montna Farms of California.

The "Jichan" figure (Japanese colloquialism for grandpa) has always been a respected and an influential person in our lives.  He would often make us Onigiri for breakfast or lunch, as a snack after school, or even before our sporting activities.  Thus, the name of our business is a way we can always embrace the memories we have with our Jichan...perhaps you will too!

Our goal is to provide you with made-to-order, authentic Japanese onigiri and a few great tasting side dishes such as chicken karaage and miso soup...much like how Jichan used to make it.  

Joe, Akira, Ray - Founders - Jichan's Onigiri-ya


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